Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We Miss Her

Monday we had to give our sweet baby girl back. Foster Care can be soo unpredictable. She wasn't supossed to leave until today. But Monday morning I got a call saying surprise, she's leaving now. I called my hubby and he managed to make it home to say goodbye to our daughter of five months.

I'm not going to lie. It was hard telling her goodbye. Her mom is great and I feel baby will be well taken care of. But my heart when I handed that precious little girl back to her....

Sometimes life brings you to these hard moments. We do everything in our power to avoid pain in life but this time we brought it on ourselves. I'm sure some would say were crazy. Why would you do that to yourself? BUT what if no one was ever willing to hurt for one another? What if God wasn't willing to hurt for us? I will miss that little girl. But I know He will help us. I have felt His peace carrying me through. That's how I know I can do this. Loving and giving back.

It hurts. But we did it. We loved her when she needed us. We gave her snuggles and bedtime kisses.  And hopefully touched her life. Now God goes with her.


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