Monday, December 30, 2013

Waiting for placement / the way to get a clean house

There's a ladybug hanging out on my bathroom wall today. I know, it's just a bug. But to me it's hope.

I am getting a little tired of waiting.

 After that call the day after Christmas I am once again thinking about it constantly. My daughters room is officially deep cleaned. I got under the bed, in the closet, even cleaned out the toy box. Now today I'm heading down to my sons room to get started cleaning his.

 So far the three children we could have gotten have all been girls. But who knows maybe the next call will be a boy.

Three girls. I keep thinking about them. How did things turn out for them? If we had gotten them all my family right now would consist of four daughters and a son. Their ages would be a 5 month old and a  4, 5, 6, and 7 year old. Crazy!!

My cell phone has a daily Bible verse on the main screen and today the verse is this..

Isaiah 40:31
But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Roller Coster

This past weekend our adoption agency had a Christmas breakfast. We decided it would be fun to go and let the kids see Santa and just enjoy some time with other adoptive/foster care families. It turned out really nice but at the same time it kind of made me a little sad. It seemed like we were the only family without any placements. Ones that were waiting before, now had gotten placements and honestly it just made me feel a little down.

With all the Christmas activities this past weekend through yesterday I haven't really had time to dwell on it. But this morning I had the time to think on it and pray about it. Then I got up and started cleaning house thinking maybe this could be the day.

A little thing you should know is I have this thing for ladybugs ever since I have heard about how they are kind of a good luck sign in the adoption world. I don't believe in luck but whenever I see one I pray about it and thank God that he cares about what we are going through in this time of waiting.

Well this morning as I was cleaning I saw a lady bug on my hairspray. After this mornings prayer it really made me smile. Then it happened! I was making my bed and I heard my phone playing "One Less" my ringer for the agency. It was indeed a call about a placement. Two children who needed a home. Hubby and I were thrilled to say that we would do it. Long story short, it didn't work out again. I believe they were placed with relatives or another family that could take the whole sibling group of four. It was a little heartbreaking. Yet at the same time I'm just thankful to know they are considering us.

Adoption/ foster care is most definitly quite an adventure. It's like a roller coaster.....

And I'm so glad I got on.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gifts of Purpose

Today I am posting for Lifesong for Orphans. If you are looking to give a gift with purpose this holiday season be sure to check out their website!

We wanted to point out some of our gifts this year that are BRAND NEW to our Gifts of Purpose Catalog...
PADPT1Provide Post-Adoption Resources
Raising children from hard places isn't easy. Because Lifesong believes in supporting adoptive families in all stages, post-adoption training scholarships are available to equip adoptive & foster parents with the tools to help heal hurting children. $200 | $450

MENTORFund a Foster Care Mentorship Training
Many children & vulnerable adults affected by the foster care system want to know that they matter. The Forgotten Initiative Mentoring provides the opportunity for the Body of Christ to show children that they are loved & valued. $500

vohSponsor a Family at Village of Hope-Guatemala
Children were made to be in families. By providing Guatemalan house parents, vulnerable children can feel belonging & that there is someone investing in their life & future. Our children are provided food, home & a mother and father figure to pray with them, help them with their homework & mentor them as they grow. $42 | $500

ZAMEDU1Give Opportunity to Zambia's High School Students
Known as one of the best in the city, the Lifesong Zambia School strives for academic achievement. With the recently built high school, our students now have the unique opportunity to join the 5% of kids in their country that receive a high school education, giving them hope of a future free from the cycle of poverty. $48 | $782

GOP 300,000 matching gift-01Join Lifesong for Orphans in giving a Gift of Purpose. Until December 31st, a generous donor will MATCH each donation with a gift to Lifesong, up to $300,000. $75,857 remaining to reach the goal! Give a Gift. Bring Joy & Purpose to a Child in Need.
 Gift in Honor Card for email

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Arthur got caught

Looks like Arthur our little elf got himself into a jam last night. 

The kids have a blast with him. They talked about his returning weeks before Thanksgiving. Too bad hubby and I haven't been as excited about him this year. We honestly keep forgetting about moving him. Then its a mad dash through the house trying to think of something to do with him before the kids wake up. I will admit he may have forgotten to move one night. I just told the kids that maybe he was resting....


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