Wednesday, July 31, 2013


The other day I was checking my email totally not expecting anything important. When I saw it. An email from our social worker!! Can you guess what it contained??

If you guessed the rough draft of our homestudy, your right!! After a long long road it is finally here. There are a few things that need fixed and she is coming to our house Tuesday to finish everything up. But we are so close.

We are so excited!! It feels like I'm dreaming! Adoption is a roller coaster ride for sure. But God has it all planned out. Turns out the last social worker quitting is just what we needed to get this thing rolling. His ways are not our ways. No, His are so much better. Please keep praying with us. We still need them to approve our financials and sign everthing. Make it all official. But we are one step closer!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

She called!

Well actually she emailed me and I called her back. But the point is I actually got to talk with our new social worker.
She seems to be on top of things. She said the homestudy is done except for the walkthrough with the new compliance agreement. They updated the old one so we are now reqired to have a few things extra. One of them being a fire escape ladder.
She also said instead of trying to update the financials we are just gonna redo the form send all new bills in and scratch the old 2012 stuff. Woohoo! Sounds so much easier.
I do ask for you guys to please pray that when its all submitted they will approve it. We are making more then we did last year, but since we are self employed and only have proof at the end of the year we have to use last years. Last I heard they had said its right at the point of they can approve or not approve. So lets pray for approve!!!
Moving on from the adoption news.... our days have been busy but mostly enjoyable this summer. In some ways I am looking forward to fall, but at the same time I am enjoying not having school each day.
Today and tomorrow our plans are not the good kind. We have a funeral to attend for a wonderful man from our church. He passed away last week due to an accident while mowing.  

My facebook status today was this...
The kids were talking this morning about how he would carry them all over church and how they would miss him there. I then explained that one day they will see him in heaven to which Ruby said " Oh my goodness! He was ready for heaven? That's so exciting!! Then she started dancing around pointing up and saying He is up there with Jesus he must be so excited!! Today everyone says goodbye to a great man. But so thankful for the hope of heaven. He is truly in a much better place. My prayers are with his family today.
Live your life to the fullest. You never know when He will call us home.

Monday, July 22, 2013

He will do it

I wish you could hear what I hear right now. A gift from God. I have been feeling so frustrsted with this whole adoption thing. Today our new social worker is supossed to call. Lets pray she does. But honestly things are pretty crazy at the agency right now. I hear we are not the only family that's been waiting over a year for a homestudy. But on top of that it just seems like one thing after another slows us down. Like for example our daughter is behind on her shots and is on a make up schedule, but the doctor makes you wait like two months in between each set. We were told they can't place a child with us until its done (they will be able to finish the homestudy just not actually place a child). Her next set is August 19 and I am praying thats the last. But little frustrations like this gets to you. I catch myself awake at 2am thinking what if theres another set and we have to wait till  October? What if they don't approve our homestudy... what if's. I worry, and just ache for it to all be done. Adoption is very hard emotionally. We try so hard to make it go as fast as it can. But fail.  You know what though. God's in control. This morning I woke up to my seven year old son playing one of his cds in the living room radio. He has it up and you can hear it through the whole house. And he has it on repeat. Playing this song....

There's one less, one less, there's one less broken heart in the world tonight.

My favorite adoption song. And I know it's gonna be ok. Gods going to work it all out and one day there will be one less.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One last time (Adoption Update)

It happened again.

 Our homestudy is in the process of approval. Our social worker was looking it over and said there was a few things to do. I guess since it's been so long since they did the home compliance checklist they want to come do it again. Frustrating, but I was OK with it.

And then yesterday I got the email.....our new social worker is now our old social worker. Another one quit. It can be SOOOO frustrating. We are SO close and when it gets switched to a new person it takes some time for them to look over it and tell us what they want. Since everyone seems to want different things......

I honestly am about sick of this agency. But at the same time since we are basically just waiting for approval I don't want to try and switch to another one at this point.

Just pray with us please. That it will be finished up quickly and that it will be approved.

Praying His favor over our homestudy.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Family Weekend

Today we are enjoying a family day. This morning was spent going to yard sales including one at our church where we picked up some of the kids friends and headed to the local park. They had a bast! Next we headed home for a grill out. And this evening is going to be spent having a "Christmas in July" with the kids. Planning on lots of popcorn and Christmas movies. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

Monday, July 8, 2013


It's just been one of those days..

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We are adopting

Adopting, it's hard! It feels like ever since we started it's been one thing after another. The enemy doesn't want us to adopt. But God does! And HE will make a way!

 Can you Pray with us about it? Seems we are facing another road block. But my God is going to work this one out too. 

Our agency called and told us that financially we are right at the spot where they can either approve or deny us. We have to turn in a few more things and then they decide. I know that God is the one in control. But when they said that, it felt like these people were. That they could either approve us or make our hopes come crashing down.

 I know though, that's not true. 

Our hope is in Him alone.

God is in control and He is the one who has opened doors all along the way. He is the one who lead us to adopting from the state. He is the one who provided the van we were praying for and believing that we would need for our one day large family. He is the one that turned hubby's heart to adopting too. Now we both feel with all our hearts that God has called us for this.

The week they told me this I was sooo excited about what was going on in the adoption front. I was bubbling inside thinking about it all day long. Our homestudy was in the process of being approved!! They were actually looking at it!! Any day they could call and say it was approved!! But instead they said they may not approve it and wanted to see more financial stuff. Right then it was just like all that excitement died. I didn't want to get my hopes up.

But here's the thing.

My hope isn't in the agencies, the social workers, the adoption process itself. My hope is in GOD!! And it's Him that called us to this. He will make a way!!

Hubby told me the day we heard. That it's okay. If this one doesn't go through we will just try somewhere else. And it's true! We are not giving up. God didn't bring us this far for nothing. I haven't talked about adopting much this week. I figured if I kept talking about it with friends and blog's and facebook, then it didn't work out I would be devastated. But I have decided I'm going to keep talking about it, keep preparing and believe. One day soon, God is bringing us a child.  We are going to give them the paperwork, and PRAY. 

Isaiah 49:25 says...."For I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy children."

And Psalm 68:5-6 " A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, IS GOD in his holy dwelling. GOD sets the lonely in families." 

God, not social workers and adoption agencies.
So let me introduce you to our family.  

We are the Hiatt Family. And we are adopting!!


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