Friday, March 25, 2011

My week in review

Filled With Praise

Well this week had some highs and lows!    HIGH
We recieved our first letter from the little girl we sponsor in Haiti!!! Our kids ( and us adults ) were sooo excited to get it! We are so excited to have  little Febiana in our lives!:)

And then there was a LOW
Our landlord stopped by and put a for sale sign up in our front yard!! We just moved here a year and a half ago and had no intention of moving until we can buy our own place! We love it here and it seriously was so frustrating to find out our landlord is moving away and putting our house up for sale!!..we are allowed to wait around for him to sell it. Who knows how long it could take..but at the same time I kind of want to get started looking for a new place because I would hate to have to move last minute..the most frustrating part is some of our savings for adoption may have to be used for security deposits on a new house that we totally wasn't planning on!!! I am feeling a peace about it though. I know that all things are in HIS hands! He has great plans for me!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! And hope you have an awesome weekend!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Edgar is 15 years old and in the 10th grade at Lifesong Honduras.

On June 5th, 2009 his father was shot and killed because he didn't want to sell his property, leaving his mother alone to raise Edgar and his brothers.

Recently Edgar's family decided to move to another state and wanted him to join them.  However, even though it was hard to watch them leave, he was determined to continue his education at Escalon.  After being there for 3 years, Edgar understands his need for education as a step towards a better life.

When asked about these major trials he has had to face in his young life, he simply says,
"It's just like "Pastor Guy" (Lifesong Honduras director) always says, "we should never give up."  
After graduating Edgar wants to study in the medical field.  He desires to use these skills to help people in need and give back as he has been given.

With your support we can continue to serve more kids like Edgar.

Our goal is:

We have 16.5 commitments.

We need 83.5 more.

Please prayerfully consider joining us as we strive to bring joy and purpose to orphans in Honduras! YOUR DONATION WILL BE DOUBLED by a gracious giver!

Contact us at at to make your commitment AND be sure to tell them tha we sent you from our blog!

Hear personal stories and check back for progress through the end of the month!
*All administrative costs are covered, so 100% of your donation will go directly toward helping orphans!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shoe Saturday

Edmund is just one example of many who have been helped by Lifesong Honduras, and are now giving back.  I love how he obviously cares for these kids and even gives what little he has away so they can have shoes!  What a great example.

Here’s a question for you… How many pairs of shoes do you have?.

10? 20? 30? (eek!)

The kids at Lifesong Honduras have one pair each… sometimes two (a pair of boots to serve in).  Wow.

This Saturday join us for Shoe Saturday.  Simply count your shoes… and get your kids in on it too.  Have them count theirs.  And then tell them about the children in Honduras.  Tell them about Edmund who sacrifices his own money so children in the village can have something on their feet.  Then as a family pray.  Thank God for His faithfulness and His blessings on your family.  Thank Him for raising up men and women and children in Honduras to care for the poor, the orphaned, the vulnerable.  Ask Him to continue to provide and watch over them.  Ask Him raise up supporters so Lifesong can continue to serve in Honduras.

We are reaching for a goal:

Please pray that we can reach this goal?   Maybe God wants to use you?  Will you prayerfully consider joining us?

Maybe you can't give $30 a month... Maybe you can give more.  Today we want to encourage you to give your best!

One commitment we've received was a one time gift... Another commitment was matched by the donor's employer... meaning his gift has now quadrupled!  We are so excited to see people rise up and give what they can!

Thank you to those who have committed so far.

We have 15.5 commitments.

Can we make 100?

We have 7 days... 84.5 commitments to go.

With your help we can do it!

Be sure and mention our blog sent you!!

When things go wrong

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Help Honduras!

Did you miss the post about what is going on at Lifesong Honduras? Click here.
Did you read about Tortilla Tuesday on Tuesday, March 29th? Click here.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Maybe some coffee?  Yes?

Maybe some rice and beans, with white cheese and tortillas?  No?

At Lifesong Honduras this is what a normal breakfast for the 550 kids we serve looks like.

For lunch they will get tortillas with either vegetable soup, pasta, or chicken with rice and vegetables.
For dinner they will eat rice, beans, cream (similar to sour cream) white cheese, eggs (2 times a week) and (you guessed it) tortillas.

Next Tuesday, March 29th join us for Tortilla Tuesday as we eat rice, beans, and tortillas for the day and provide tools for you to use in sharing with your family… in order to further teach out children about the lives of others.

Enjoy a meal at work or with your family or friends of tortillas, rice, and beans.  This is a great way to not just talk about life for kids in Honduras, but to actually experience it, if only in one small way.

We want to encourage you to use this opportunity to share the need in Honduras with your kids, friends, and co-workers.

Here are a few facts and conversation starters:
1. Honduras is one of the poorest nations in the western hemisphere

2. Last year approximately 75% of new students coming into Lifesong Honduras were malnurished, their weight and height way below average, and needed extra vitamins and supplements.  Pictured below are three 7th graders from this group:

"The reward comes in many forms... to watch them grow and their appearance change, knowing that you played a part in that.  It is hard explain, but when you take one of our graduates and compare them to someone of the same age, from their own villages, even though the differences may range from ever so slight to obvious, it is visible."
-Lifesong Honduras staff member
3. There are innumerous un-reached mountain villages that still do not have electricity or running water, children without clothing or shoes, and families without food to feed their children.
- Homes are barely constructed of mud, sticks, cardboard and whatever material they can use to cover themselves.
-Many villages have no organized church, nor a pastor, nor a church building in which to meet.
-Students at Plan Escalon spend part of their education giving back… visiting mountain villages, where many of them came from, to bring food (rice and beans) and minister to the people.
- Imagine what it would it be like to live in a mountain village in Honduras… What would it be like?  Would you feel hopeful of your future?   How would you survive?
4. At Lifesong Honduras they have to make 3,500 tortillas made every day… on only 3 stoves!
- Can you imagine making that many tortillas every day?  Think about how you would interact with others in the kitchen.  How easy would it be trying to accomplish this with only 3 stoves?
*Be sure to have your camera ready for Tortilla Tuesday! Please send Lifesong a photo of you and your family or co-workers (or whoever you invite) participating in Tortilla Tuesday, your location, and a short story about the impact it made and the conversations you had to! If you have a blog or facebook, consider sharing it!

Our goal is:

Will you join us?  Every dollar will make a difference!  Every dollar will be doubled for the sake of orphans!

So far we have 4 commitments.  Thank you!  We still need more.  Together we can do more for the children and the future of Honduras!

Contact Lifesong at to make your commitment AND be sure to tell them that we sent you from our blog!

Hear personal stories & follow the progress on our blog all this week!

Catching up

I have been so busy lately that I haven't had much time to update you guys on what we have been up too! Alexander is still working hard on his schooling. He will probably be done kindergarten around the first week of June! We signed him up last week for soccer!! He is soooo excited to start! Rory keeps getting bigger! Sometimes I can't believe she is only three she is about the same size as Alex! We have enjoyed some spring days..we took the kids fishing yesterday and went to Hershey Chocolate factory a few weekends ago..Although while there Rory somehow got lost and we all about had a meltdown looking for her! We wont go into all the details of that right now! lol. But here's a few cute pictures for you guys to enjoy!!:)

Alex got a bug vacuum for his birthday, and has enjoyed going around sucking up bugs!
Spring is about getting dirty!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

What if every time you gave a dollar to orphans it became one more? 

One more dollar towards food, education, shelter?

One more dollar towards sharing the Gospel and providing Biblical mentorship?

One more dollar towards changing the life of a child?

I love to use this platform to advocate for those in need... and thanks to a generous donor every dollar given to Lifesong Honduras will be matched… up to $120,000!  We praise the Lord for this amazing gift and invite you to be a part of it.

Over the next 10 days we are teaming with Lifesong and are hoping for 100 1-year commitments of $30 a month.  Just think, for about $1 a day a life in Honduras can be forever changed.

Partnering with Tree of Life Missions in Honduras, Lifesong for Orphans is able to work toward providing hope to the hopeless, help to the helpless and healing to the hurting.  TOLM reaches kids through a program called Plan Escalon.  (Escalon is translated "escalator" and is used to describe the children's escalator out of poverty/brokenness.) 
Through this program we strive toward:
  • Providing an education to the poorest of youth
  • Providing food to the poorest of youth
  • Providing vocational training & micro-business opportunities
  • Providing free medical and dental clinics to those in need
  • Training young people to give back to their communities
  • Reaching people in the jungles of the Mosquito Coast 
Stay tuned for stories, personal testimonies, and fun ways to spread awareness and instill a heart of giving in your kids!

Our goal is:
Will you help us?  100 commitments in ten days is no small feat, but with God it is possible.  We have seen Him move mightily in His people to serve orphans and we pray that this ten weeks will be a testimony of that!  Together we can make a difference in the lives of these kids!  Together we can do more to bring joy and purpose to orphans!

Contact Lifesong at to make your commitment AND be sure to tell them that we sent you from our blog!

Hear personal stories & follow the progress on our blog all this week!

Check back often to hear personal stories and get updates on the progress.  Please join us in prayer as we ask the Lord to raise up 100 commitments!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello again, Prayer, and Korea

It's been awhile! I spent some time just reading your blogs and rejoicing over the precious new additions! It never ceases to amaze me when I see the mountains that are being moved in the name of Jesus, to bring home his children. It helped encourage me today. And I needed it!
I would like to ask you guys to lift us up in your prayers. We are praying about an agency and program we found. Also doing an info meeting to make sure we qualify for the program, Then hopefully filling out the application as soon as we turn 25. Which is just a few months away!!
But here's the part that I really need your  prayers on..Even though I have seen what God can do I find the enemy sneaking into my mind..getting me scared. Scared that it won't work out for us. We are trying our best to save as much money as we can. But it just hasn't a mounted to much..  And that gets to me. I know our families willl probably not be all thrilled and excited for us. Because they will be worried about our finances..questioning if were making a smart move...these things get to us, make us question if we can do it..And I know its the enemy fighting against us, yet its still hard sometimes to resist him!

But I know my God is big!!! That he is able to do exceedingly more then we can even imagine.. I have seen hubbys work pick up! He has had awesome hours lately, and a raise!  So I praise my God! I'm going to try and not let the enemy get me down! Not let him convince me in the next few months that I can't do it!  What If I don't act on what my heart is so broken for? What if I don't try?  So just pray with us that God will help us to trust Him completely. That we will be encouraged. And that we will overcome during this spiritual war we are going through right now.

One more thing, the agency we are looking into is Children's Home Society and Family Services If you have any info about them or know someone who used them that would be awesome! We are looking into their Korea program!


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