Friday, July 30, 2010

Birth Certificates

So today I decided that I wanted to do SOMETHING while we wait..well besides put every penny we find in our "Baby Jar". So we drove to the courthouse and got copies of my birth less thing I won't have to do when we actually get this thing started! :) I have never been so anxious to be a year older in my life:) 25 has got to be our most anticipated birthday ever!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No more pull ups!

Well Aurora is officially out of pull-ups. We only use them at night now. We are so proud of her:) I can't believe it when I see her going all by herself and wearing her cute little undies. Time flies by. And we have decided that we are going to start homeschooling Alexander this fall. He is going to kindergarten! We are planning on registering him either this week or next, whenever we get the money. Which leads me to one last thing. I just wanted to praise God for all he is doing in our lives. When the economy fell my husband lost a lot of work (he does construction) and we got so messed up financially, but we have seen God turning it around, and i know He is going to continue to bless,things are all working out and I'm am just amazed at how much God has done since we felt the calling to adopt. He is still opening the doors, providing, putting us in position for His plan on our lives. And we are so thankful. So Praise be to God! You are Good!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Take the time to stop and enjoy the simple blessings in life today.
Isaiah 44:3 (NIV)
For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Room for Sophie!

Well it's official, we now have a car with an extra seat in the middle. Another thing we wanted to have before we started adopting, we thought it would be hard to try and raise money for the adoption and at the same time be trying to save up a down payment for a car. We had this adorable little four seat red convertable..(no room for another baby) now we have a silver four door But I don't care at all. And it will be paid off in a year! I can't believe that I was more excited about getting this little car then I was about getting my shiny red I'm sure I will miss riding around with the top down on beautiful evenings, but I'm sure the joy I will feel with my adopted daughter in the back of this car is going to be so much more amazing I couldn't even begin to understand it now. Oh and its going to save us almost two hundred dollars a month! I can't see how everything is going to work out, exactly when we will be officially paper pregnant, I can't see how we are going to have the money to do this...but I do understand the desire I feel to adopt, God's tugging on my heart to just stand back and watch him continue to open every door along the way, I understand that my God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and that if he is truely calling us for this, then it will be done. Not in my timing  but His. So we are waiting and praying, and watching as God provides. It is precious to see our kids every time they find some change, scream and run for the "baby jar" :) Actually it's not just the kids its us too:) One other thing we are still praying about is finding the right country for us.We are to young for most of them. But   we may be able to adopt from Taiwan. We can also adopt from ethiopia but are not certain since the price has gone up since we originally looked, and we would have to leave two kids ,who are scared to stay the night away from us, for two trips. Anyway I'm rambling now :) I know God will lead us in the right direction. Gotta go tend to these kids....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

God is Good

So heres the you guys know we are wanting to adopt and praying a lot about it. But also there were some things that needed to be taken care of first. One of them was I have some issues with my heart that the doctors had not yet diagnosed...well yesterday, I had my cardiologist appt...AND.......they gave me a diagnosis. It's some long name but basicly it's something simple. I just take my med's and most of the time it goes away on it's own. It just beats faster then it's supposed to, and besides feeling bad when if I dont take the meds, I will be fine!!!:) I googled the name. And one of the things it said was "Does not cause death" lol. I was soooo relieved. I have been struggling with this for around 2 years. Knowing there was something going on with my heart, but not knowing for sure what it was, well was scary!!! This was the first time to this doctor and he knew right away after a ekg. My last doctor must have been a loon:)  And another cool thing I didn't know before the visit, was a lady from my church works there..and she was my nurse!!:)  Totally calmed my nerves:) 
And just one more thing that lets me know God is hearing our prayers about all this.. Me and my husband really feel like adopting is something God wants in our lives. We are seeing all these different things that are preventing it from happening, being taken care of.
But one thing is, I feel very alone in this, in my church and family. It seemed like no one I already knew really understood. Most people say "why don't you just have your own" BUT,
On the 4th of July we were at a church picnic, and I was talking to a girl my age who just had a baby, she asked if we were going to have any more and I told her about wanting to adopt..instead of the usual replies..she said... "Oh wow I'm so glad you told me that!! We want to adopt someday too"! Turns out this couple in our church, our age, understands. And that means the world to me:)


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