Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Were fostering again!

That's right! Were foster parents again. This time to a tiny baby girl. The day started off with me finding a ladybug and sending hubby a picture of it. We found a ladybug the morning of our first placement as well. By that afternoon I had gotten the call about a possible placement and by that evening we were visiting the baby in the hospital and shopping for baby things. We picked her up from the hospital the next day. She's little, and sweet, and were are having fun taking care of her for however long it lasts.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Homeschool Blues

It's that time of year for me. When we are at the end of winter, pining for warm spring days.

 I'm eager to get outside, get the kids involved in sports, and soak up the sunshine. And I'm a little tired of homeschooling.

Yeah, I said it.

Once spring gets here and I can start doing school with the kids outside in the fresh air I usually get my creativity back. But right now I'm kinda out of ideas and just so ready for some change. Today I'm excited though. I found some free homeschool pop ins at our local museum and we are heading there with some homeschool friends to make instruments out of recycled goods. Fun, fun!!

 I guess the point of this post is if your homeschooling and find yourself in that "I'm so done with this" mood...there's hope. You will get out of it. They excitement will come back. Just keep going. And don't forget. Summer Break is on it's way!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Another Call

Yep we got another call. Placement didn't happen again. A four month old little girl. The baby ended up going to family. Still, I thought I would mention it on here. I want to fully record this journey were on. I have to admit I was excited about the possibility of a baby. Yet at the same time a little nervous. God has this foster journey all in his hands though. I know each child will come in his time. During the in between I am just going to try and enjoy time with my family. Today's plan...The Lego Movie!!


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