Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Still kicking

Just letting everyone know that I am still here.. I seems like we have been fighting  never ending colds and the flu these past couple weeks. It started with the flu, then we all got the colds. We have seemed to been passing it back and fourth to each other. Saturday night I came down with a bad eye infection, so I spent all day Sunday curled up in a ball not being able to see. I was so relieved to find a doctor that was in on Columbus day. I am now taking an antibiotic for that..I'm not sure if eye drop antibiotics can make you feel bad, but ever since I have started them I have been fighting a bad stomach ache and the urge to just puke. So anyways..that's been our last couple weeks. lol. In spite of all the back and fourth sickness we did manage to get out Saturday morning and took the kids to a local petting zoo. They needed to get out!! And I'm proud to say that we have been keeping up with the homeschooling! Alexander just loves it, and is starting to sound out a few words on his own! :) So that's whats been going on around here. I cannot wait to get this house back in order since we are finally starting to recooperate. And I will end this post with a cute picture from  the petting zoo :)


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