Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello again, Prayer, and Korea

It's been awhile! I spent some time just reading your blogs and rejoicing over the precious new additions! It never ceases to amaze me when I see the mountains that are being moved in the name of Jesus, to bring home his children. It helped encourage me today. And I needed it!
I would like to ask you guys to lift us up in your prayers. We are praying about an agency and program we found. Also doing an info meeting to make sure we qualify for the program, Then hopefully filling out the application as soon as we turn 25. Which is just a few months away!!
But here's the part that I really need your  prayers on..Even though I have seen what God can do I find the enemy sneaking into my mind..getting me scared. Scared that it won't work out for us. We are trying our best to save as much money as we can. But it just hasn't a mounted to much..  And that gets to me. I know our families willl probably not be all thrilled and excited for us. Because they will be worried about our finances..questioning if were making a smart move...these things get to us, make us question if we can do it..And I know its the enemy fighting against us, yet its still hard sometimes to resist him!

But I know my God is big!!! That he is able to do exceedingly more then we can even imagine.. I have seen hubbys work pick up! He has had awesome hours lately, and a raise!  So I praise my God! I'm going to try and not let the enemy get me down! Not let him convince me in the next few months that I can't do it!  What If I don't act on what my heart is so broken for? What if I don't try?  So just pray with us that God will help us to trust Him completely. That we will be encouraged. And that we will overcome during this spiritual war we are going through right now.

One more thing, the agency we are looking into is Children's Home Society and Family Services If you have any info about them or know someone who used them that would be awesome! We are looking into their Korea program!


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