Friday, March 25, 2011

My week in review

Filled With Praise

Well this week had some highs and lows!    HIGH
We recieved our first letter from the little girl we sponsor in Haiti!!! Our kids ( and us adults ) were sooo excited to get it! We are so excited to have  little Febiana in our lives!:)

And then there was a LOW
Our landlord stopped by and put a for sale sign up in our front yard!! We just moved here a year and a half ago and had no intention of moving until we can buy our own place! We love it here and it seriously was so frustrating to find out our landlord is moving away and putting our house up for sale!!..we are allowed to wait around for him to sell it. Who knows how long it could take..but at the same time I kind of want to get started looking for a new place because I would hate to have to move last minute..the most frustrating part is some of our savings for adoption may have to be used for security deposits on a new house that we totally wasn't planning on!!! I am feeling a peace about it though. I know that all things are in HIS hands! He has great plans for me!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! And hope you have an awesome weekend!!


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