Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My First Earthquake

So yesterday we had an earthquake!! Sad part..I was outside and did not really feel it. I was putting the kids in the car to go to the dollar store. And I just felt dizzy. When I got to the dollar store everyone was talking about how there had just been an earthquake! I tried calling my family and the phones weren't working. I did finally get a hold of my sister and she said they had been sitting in the living room when the whole house started shaking. My husband was outside at work and didn't feel it, but my dad was standing by his dump truck and the whole thing started shaking..It was nuts. Facebook was going crazy :) and the news was talking about it. Although they seem to be focusing on DC..not the place where there's more damage..I know that there are some people living in emergency housing, houses were damaged and some high rise apartments have been condemmed and everyone forced to leave, so keep them in your prayers.
 So glad it wasn't any worse and that everyone is OK.


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