Monday, September 5, 2011

Foster Care Adoption Facts

Foster Care Adoption Facts
                                      this list of facts is taken from our inquiry packet from our local DHHR
  • On any given day in North America, nearly 550,000 children are in the foster care system, and more then 150,000 of them are available for adoption, just waiting for the right family to find them.
  • There are 463,000 in the U.S. foster care system; 123,000 of these children are available for adoption. Their birth parent's legal rights have been permanently terminated and children are left without a family.
  • More children become available for adoption each year than are adopted. In 2008, 75,000 children had parental rights terminated by the courts, yet only 55,000 were adopted.
  • Children often wait five years or more to be adopted, move three or more times in foster care and are often separated from siblings. The average age of waiting children is eight years old.
  • Each year, one in five children (29,516 in 2008) who are available for adoption turn 18 and leave the foster care system without a family.
  • Adopting from foster care is affordable. Most child welfare agencies cover the costs of home studies and court fees, and provide post-adoption subsides. Thousands of employers offer financial reimbursement and paid leave for employees who adopt and Federal and/or state adoption tax credits are available to most families
  • Each child is adoptable. many children in foster care have special needs. All of them deserve the chance to grow up in a safe, loving, permanent home. Support and other post-adoption resources are available.


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