Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where have we been?

That's probably what your wondering. Things have been hectic around here. Two weekends ago our kids came down with a cold, they were sneezing , coughing, fussy.. and just feeling horrible. We had to miss our P.R.I.D.E. class. Which really bummed me out, but I knew we can make it up. 

The kid's seemed to be feeling a little better by Monday. Then Tuesday night I heard Alex crying and went to see what was wrong. He was laying there shivering like crazy. He said he tried to come get me but was to dizzy to walk. I carried him to my bed and checked his temperature. It was 105.7 . So we left for the ER. 
He was out of it and saying all kinds of crazy things. And talking to his sister who wasn't even with us.

We prayed the whole way there and his fever was already dropping when we got there. They told us that it was just a virus and that it should be better in a few days. But Thursday afternoon his fever shot back up again. Something just didn't seem like a virus. So we took him back. Turns out somehow they missed that he has pneumonia. So we have been nursing our little boy back to health. And once again missed another P.R.I.D.E class.

So that's where we have gotten in our adoption the past few where! 

But I am so thankful that our little boy is getting better.And that our God is a healer. We can always make up the class or start in another round once everything is back to normal.:)

And we need a few pictures..

we got snow in October!

feeling beat after eating some halloween cake


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