Monday, September 17, 2012

God still works miracles.

Yesterday we had an amazing testimony given at our church. A young man 18 years old came. Not long ago we all gathered and prayed for him when we heard that he had just been struck by lightning and killed at a church camp. His uncle attends our church and informed us about him.Well a miracle was done in his life. After about thirty minutes of no pulse...his heart started beating again! Praise be to God, who really does still work miracles. It was so awesome for our kids to see someone they had been praying for come to our church, and to see the miracle with their own eyes! Please don't forget to go to the top of my blog and pause the music player before watching the video.

Here's the new video from our church yesterday

TV3 Winchester Streaming Video - 

And here is the website telling his story! Check it out and be encouraged with how awesome our God is.


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