Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My thoughts.

Not long ago when I was first falling in love with the idea of adoption. I would spend so much time on here, reading all the blogs, and praying that one day it would be us. The day we sent in our application I was so excited. I knew we had finally taken the first step onto the path God had for us. I can see it in my mind, our van filled with many kids that don't look quite like me. Our family full of love, and doing what God wants for us. But it is a long road. I am trusting that God has the perfect timing all planned out. But my goodness since we started this we have been through the wringer. Some days I think this homestudy will never be done! And I get frustrated! I want to cry, or just throw in the towel. But I'm trying to just hold on, pray, and wait on Him. It will all work out for good. I know it will. Please just keep us and our adoption in your prayers.


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