Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Homeschool, what our days are like..

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. It's been busy around here. Rory has strep throat so today is a lazy day. And I decided the perfect time to tell you about our homeschool day.

So many people wonder what goes on in a homeschool house..Here's how our good days go.

On a good day we get out of bed, get  everybody dressed and breakfast. Then we get out our Bible Verse folders. We made a little folder with memory verses inside and each day we write our memory verse or draw a picture to go with it, just some sort of project to do as we practice it. Then we do Alex's Bible Lifepac and Rory listens in as well.

After Bible I let the kids pick their next classes. Rory has Phonics and Math workbooks then we do some spelling words. Alex has Language Arts, Math, Science, and History workbooks. We work on some reading together and have also been adding in a little ASL class. Thought it would be cool to teach my kids sign language. Why? Because I love the TV show Switched At Birth, of course! :)

After that they get to go play and I work on housework. Some days we also take a break and just get out the house for a play date or lunch..or a little field trip. 

Bad days??? This is what goes on... Homeschool Gone Bad


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