Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricaine's and Home-studies

Tomorrow will be our last home-study visit. Kinda embarrassing to post, since this should have happened a while ago. But it is what it is. And God has the timing worked out perfectly. It was actually going to be today, but thanks to hurricane Sandy our social worker called and asked if we can do it tomorrow instead. So here we go! Last visit!

As for the was a loooong night last night. The wind was incredible! It seriously felt like the whole house might splat..the walls and rafters were making cracking and creaking sounds. It was crazy. But we  just made a bed in the living room with the kids, watched movies, listened to the radio and prayed. And He kept us. Millions without power, yet we still have ours. We are safe and sound and warm. God is good to us.


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