Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Missing homestudy!!! Anyone seen it????

Our homestudy seems to be missing. That's right. Missing.

I called the agency again a few minutes ago and had to leave yet another voice mail since the worker who has access to the homestudies was not in. But the story is this. Our last home visit was in October. The very end of it. So she was going to be working on it during the first week of November. Our social worker was elected as magistrate at this time to, so I figured it may be a little slow coming. Well here it is December and I still have heard nothing. I called her and asked her where it is..she said she already turned it in and that the agency has it. I called them, and they said that No they dont have it, that she still does and that they will call me when they get i have no idea where it is!

This is proof that adoption goes nothing as planned... we can try and make everything go along smooth sailing. But road bumps still happen. And God is in control.

And for now I'm gonna learn how to be a pro at stalking the agency!! :)


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