Friday, January 4, 2013

My One Word

Every year for probably the past three years now, I have chosen one one to focus on and pray about. It has changed my life.

The first year my word was  DEEPER. I wanted a deeper walk with God.

 The second year it was MORE. This is when God started talking to me about adotion, and other things like taking care of the poor, reaching out, witnessing....

Third year was TRUST. We all need more Trust in our lives.

This year my word is ENCOURAGE.

We all need encouragement, from ourselves, God and from those around us. Especially us mothers. We need encouraged in so many areas. So my prayer is that I will be a more encouraging woman, and that God will encourage me in the things I do.
Are any of you doing the one word for the year? If you are let me know about it!

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