Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Number one

Here it is post number one for the year 2013!!
First off I wanted to say that my comment section now is moderated. I have been getting trashy comments that have needed to be deleted, so figured this was would be best.

After a very long Christmas break i am excited to start homeschooling back up today. I pray that I can be just the teacher my children need, that I can help them learn about the things they love (one of the benefits about home-school).  While at the same time teaching them all the things they need to know, like reading, writing, and arithmetic. We have gotten a little behind in the school year, so it is time to really catch up!  This year I want to try and post more home-school posts. So if your interested in homeschooling or just curious, stop by and check them out. Also if you have any questions about homeschool feel free to ask them. I will try my best to answer them. I strongly believe that this is the calling God has given me. Not to be a "career" woman, who is meeting up to all the worlds expectations. But to be a woman that is dedicated to my family and schooling my children.

 Follow us on our journey as i try to post more often about home-school and adoption!  :)


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