Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Homestudy Blues

Feeling overwhelmed with our homestudy. Things are taking forever! And I can never seem to get a hold of the social worker to get a status about how it's coming along. If they take to long to get it done could we have to retake PRIDE???

 The beginning of November we had what was supposed to be our last visit.  After that the social worker quit, and it took until Feb 20th for the new social worker to get started on getting ours done. She came out for a visit, found out the last social worker didn't get half the paperwork she needed. We turned all that in a few weeks ago and I have been calling her every day since then to see if she needs anything else and how it's going. But no luck. I have even been emailing her, but no reply. Please pray it gets done soon!!! I know that she is probably having a lot of stuff to get caught up on from the last social workers...but still! April 12th will be ten months of doing this homestudy!!

That's what I need!!!

Picture is from here 


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