Monday, April 8, 2013

Adoption Update and Free 4x6 Printable

Today I spent some time scanning home-study documents and emailing them to our social worker. I know it must seem like forever to you guys that we have been working on this. It seems that way to us too! But it should be drawing to a close soon. I know I have said that a lot also! But hopefully it is true this time.

What happened was our original social worker (the one that quit)  didn't gather all she was supposed to. If we had done a home-study before we may have known what all we needed, but this being the first one  we just gave her what she asked for and thought we were done. Turns out we needed some things she never mentioned to us at all! A few of them were things like rental insurance, pet vaccinations ( She told us we didn't need them because he is an outside cat. WRONG!) and  more verifications for our income. All she gathered was our tax return and 1099 (it's like a w2 for self employed people). Since we are self employed turns out they also needed us to be putting all the income into one bank account every time we get paid for three months. If she had told us this awhile ago we could be done with it by now. But since we weren't doing that ( we used cash for things like rent, groceries,gas....), we still have a few more weeks to get three months worth of statements for her. Once that is done though the rest should be in order, and we should be good to go! So excited to get this done!!!!!!!

Here is a little printable I made today. Just right click, save, then print it out 4x6 and  ENJOY!!!


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