Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trick or treat and ladybugs

What a week last week was. We got that exciting call, but after that it was sick kids, lots of whining and our little miss had an accident Friday which resulted in a knocked out tooth. :( After that week we decided to forget about a busy Saturday and just ended up taking the kids to a local trick or treat event then home to relax. I did get to take a some cute pictures of their outfits. Aren't they cute?

This week has seemed to get off to a better start. They are feeling much better thank God!

Our home has been invaded with ladybugs. So right now the kids are running around collecting them and telling me to take pictures.

And yes there are so many of them that you can collect them by the handful!

Thankful that even in the crazy weeks God is faithful and showers us with His blessings.


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