Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Three months Thankful

This past Tuesday marks three months since we were officially licensed. 

Three months of getting up every day thinking "this may be the day". Three months of excitement mixed with nervous feelings. High emotions mixed with low emotions. It feels like an eternity. I guess we have technically been waiting ever since we started the process but it felt different in the beginning. The day we were through with all the paperwork and training, the day we really began waiting, it changed. It was real. Any moment we could get the call. Any moment. That means every day I'm making sure my phone is on me at all times. Trying to be prepared....and dreaming about that moment. 

Lots of dreaming.

What will life be like as foster parents and as adoptive parents? Will we get a boy or girl? Will we get an infant or a toddler? Oh my how I dream. And I pinterest. :) I have plans to make my own baby food, have pinned multiple cribs and baby items.... sigh. 

Waiting is hard. At the same time I'm counting this time as a gift. It's a very exciting time in our lives. Its a time I had once only dreamed about. Now its my story.

And I am thankful. 


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