Monday, January 27, 2014

Life as a foster parent

Life as we know it has changed around here. There are sippy cups on the counter, pull ups in my purse and a little curly haired girl being tucked into bed.

It's not always easy. Some moments they all play together nicely other times they fight like cats and dogs. Some times she is happy and sweet other times she's kicking and screaming because she can't have her way. Overall she's a sweet little girl but oh my can she be a handful.

Last night we were at a birthday party for a friends little girl. It was at one of the local fast food restaurants with a play place and Little Miss N was playing with the other kids inside the playground. Hubby and I were right outside the playground doors at the big party table. Well somehow she got out without us seeing her and went to the next table down. They were having a birthday party too. When I spotted her she had done managed to get herself a cupcake and was scarfing it down! She is quick!

Then there's the hair. I am not good with the hair. Lol. It's a working progress.

We can definitly use your prayers as we begin this journey. We have had good moments and bad moments. But are already loving the journey called foster care.



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