Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Homeschool Blues

It's that time of year for me. When we are at the end of winter, pining for warm spring days.

 I'm eager to get outside, get the kids involved in sports, and soak up the sunshine. And I'm a little tired of homeschooling.

Yeah, I said it.

Once spring gets here and I can start doing school with the kids outside in the fresh air I usually get my creativity back. But right now I'm kinda out of ideas and just so ready for some change. Today I'm excited though. I found some free homeschool pop ins at our local museum and we are heading there with some homeschool friends to make instruments out of recycled goods. Fun, fun!!

 I guess the point of this post is if your homeschooling and find yourself in that "I'm so done with this" mood...there's hope. You will get out of it. They excitement will come back. Just keep going. And don't forget. Summer Break is on it's way!!!


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