Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The comments

One part of getting a new foster child is the looks and comments you get when out in your community. People that have seen you shopping in their stores or talking walks wonder how you got that baby.

My favorite so far was while taking a walk in the neighborhood I heard two ladies talking on their porch. One said "I didnt even know she was pregnant!". To which her friend replied " Oh I figured she was since I haven't seen her out for awhile." It was pretty amusing. I kinda wanted to march up their driveway and explain myself...but I refrained. There were also the situations in stores where I was busy shopping and didn't really want to explain but people kept trying to figure out the situation and I have to tell them that we were fostering. That is usually followed up by either the whole "Oh I could never do that" line or (the one I like better) "I will be praying!".

We also get the typical new baby comments "She is so adorable!" "What a sweet baby!" and my favorite "She looks just like your husband!".

Point of this post...if you feel like having some interesting conversations with strangers you should think about fostering!


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