Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Where I stand with foster care

Foster care is still big on my heart. I did end up getting re-licensed as a single parent but didn't end up taking any long term placements. I ended up just doing a few respite placements instead. Which is still very important! Foster families need a break now and then! 

My kids both still love fostering as well and had a blast with these respite placements as they were all three a little older (between the ages of four and six). Right now we are once again not taking any placements due to the fact that I just got married and he is not yet licensed. But this is definitely something we are thinking about doing as a couple so I will keep you updated!!

I am so thankful for the days of fostering that I have had and one day soon hope to be doing it again. But no matter where I am in life I am choosing to enjoy every moment. Trying to take this time and enjoy more moments with my kids. They grow so fast! We are also hoping to add a new little baby to our lives one day soon.

We have dreams, we all do. But never forget to look at where you are, breathe, and Simply Live!


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