Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Late Christmas Pics :)

Well both of the kids were sick on Christmas..Alex had a double ear infection, and chest cold, and sinus drainage..Rory had Double ear infection, sinus infection, chest you can see it was rough.:( Because I was busy holding them most of the time I didn't take many pictures. And never did get a cute picture of them together in their Christmas outfits. But here's a few for you blogger friends to see :)
Rory got a lot of art stuff from her grandparents. She is quite the little artist lately.

ALexander is really into.. Zhu ZHu pets? I think that's what they are called. He got a lot of them for Christmas complete with the arena for them to battle..doesn't he just look like he isn't feeling well. my poor babies:(

Rory just loves her pillow pet from my mom:)These pictures were taken today of them showing off their new stuff :)

and she seems to love her new tea set..

He also got this little's called a hex bug..interesting little thing :) keeps him really entertained

And every boy needs a theres some pics for you hope your day is great :)


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