Monday, January 3, 2011

My one word

I heard about this web site on the radio. It's called My One Word instead of trying to make all kinds of resolutions for 2011, I am picking one word to focus on for my life this year. One word to pray over myself and my family. I chose the word DEEPER.. I don't want to be a surface Christian. I want to go deeper. Into his Word, deeper commitment, deeper desire. I want to do things. To serve HIM. Not to just live and go to church and bring a dish to the picnics. But to have a truly deeper relationship with God. To hear his voice and move when He calls me. I'm also praying to fall deeper in love with my husband to have an even deeper relationship with him. . To go deeper with homeschooling. Not to just teach ABC's but to teach them LIFE. How to please teach them things with more meaning. Not only am I going to pray this over my life but I'm praying this over my family. That my children and husband would always have a deeper passion ad desire for God..etc.. I'm excited about doing this instead of a resolution. I think it's going to do awesome things in mine and my family's life..Check it out and pick a word with me :)


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