Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hearing test and super mom

Well it's scheduled. My little boy is going to have his hearing screened.
 He is 5 years old and still has a hard time being understood. He talks up a storm and while me and Eric can understand him, most people can't catch a word he says.. He also said that he couldn't hear what his soccer teacher was telling him to do on his first day of soccer. Although considering it was extreamely windy and he had his hat on..I may have not been able to hear either. :)

When he was born they had his hearing screened and said that he showed signs of possible hearing loss in the future. I know it could be something very simple like fluid in his ears...but also my cousins have had to have hearing aids since they were little, so if you could keep him in your prayers that would be great..In other news he is on his last book for schooling!! YAY!!! And I just had to share this..

Sunday we went out to lunch with some friends and Eric was on the phone in the car asking them how many people would be with them, so we could get the table..He said "Ok five" then hung up. Well Alex thought for a minute in the back seat then said "we need a table for nine" I was so shocked that he had added by himself, and figured out the problem himself! He figured out to add count the people in our car and add five to that all by himself!!! I feel like a supermom! :) This is good because sometimes I think it's not soaking in at all. So of course I had to share this proud  moment.

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