Friday, April 1, 2011

My week in Review

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Today is Alex's first day of soccer..He's super excited, so I'm excited for him. This is his first activity that he has ever wanted to sign up for. He is usually very shy. So when I asked him if he would like to play soccer I was shocked when he said yes..And he still isn't acting nervous like I though he would be! This is a big Yay!!!


My low this week would be that it was one of those long hectic weeks. Lots going on and filled up days..makes homeschooling hard. It we don't have time to get it done before we leave the house its a nightmare trying to get it done later.

                               LESSON LEARNED

Try to make sure I schedule things late enough for a five year old boy with "spring fever" to have time to get all his work done first..


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