Friday, September 16, 2011

Looks what he's been up to

 At first he would just lay around and sleep. But lately he has turned into a  very "At home" kitty..
Turns out he loves to shred toilet paper while we sleep... He will keep at it until the whole roll is in a shredded up ball on the floor.

On the homeschool front, we are now on lesson 18. And they still seem to be having fun! Yay! His penmanship is getting great, and little miss is really starting to get into the flow of things. She is learning to write all of her ABC's which I think is a fun thing to teach. One thing they both love is our little health class we have going. We do puppet shows, cut, glue..all the fun things :)
And last but not least....Someone turned four this week!!!! Our beautiful little girl. She was born exactly one month to the day after my brother was killed in an accident. She is our little Ray of sunshine :)


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