Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Monday we officially attended our first foster-adopt meeting. It was long, but fun. There was soooo much info to take in. They also said for our age group that we may want to consider a private agency. That we can stick with them and who knows they could get a baby or toddler quickly or it could take a while. So if could pray with us about this, it would be appreciated. We want to follow God's leading. So far we are sticking with foster care but it could be a long road. Any advice is appreciated. Maybe someone who reads this has been down the foster care road?
In homeschool news, things are going great. His reading is getting better and little Miss is starting to do a great job writing her ABC' took a little more time for her to develop the motor skills to do it. But she is on the roll now! We also added a science curriculum this week. I had been looking for one and my mother-in-law found a good one at a school yard sale. I think this may end up being my little boys favorite subject.He went to sleep with his science book the day we got it. :)

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