Thursday, April 19, 2012

Alexander's Accident

Sorry I have once again neglected the blog. I do want to post about how our first adoption class with this agency went. I will do that in the next one. But i also wanted to show you guys what went on here this past Friday. I had gotten up and was about to get started on homeschooling. I told alex to go to the schoolroom in our basement and get a pencil. He was down there a few minutes then I heard him screaming "Help me" I could tell something was wrong so I ran downstairs and this is what I saw....

He had climbed up an old bed that was in the storage side of the basement, and it must have had a broken spot..It was pointy and when he stepped up on it it through the bottom of his foot at an angle across and into the bottom of his little toe and out the top of it right by his toenail. First time I ever called 911 and me and his little sister were panicking. Looking back I laugh at myself. I do not do well with blood...or sticks through feet. But it is hard to see your little boy in so much pain.
 It all worked out, he was very brave the whole way to the hospital. He didn't even cry that much, just kept gagging when he looked at it. The hardest part was when they had to give him a shot in the toe to numb it. It took lots of us holding him down, and how it must have hurt. It broke my heart. They also had me help hold him as they pulled it out. Poor little guy ended up with seven stitches. And lots of gifts :) So thankful that God is always with us. He was watching over my little boy. His toe is fine and no broken bones. God is good.


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