Thursday, May 16, 2013

Homeschool question, and giant angry birds...

Today we are busy catching up on some school work, cleaning for company tomorrow evening, and running errands. It's almost time to wrap up the school year. I am excited, but also a little nervous. Our state requires that we either test our kids or do a portfolio. Last year we went with testing for my son. He did not like it! He was very anxious about someone he didnt know doing school with him. And he pretty much just guessed on everything. This year I am doing a portfolio. I have never done this, so I am a little anxious about getting it right. Any tips from my followers?? Also I had to include a picture taken from my phone. This giant angry bird in a field has made the news in our area. Quite the attraction! We decided to pull off the side of the road and get some pics the other day. Funny how a giant bird can make a kids day.  :)

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