Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Still waiting

Wondering where we are in the adoption process? Still waiting.

 Some times it seems like a huge mess. Last time I had talked to our social worker she said she had all she needed except for three months of bank statements showing all our income in the account. Well that's been turned in for a few weeks now. Finally got to talk to her today and I don't think she has even really looked over it. What she told me was that she will look and see if we need anything else AND POSSIBLY LINE UP ANOTHER HOMEVISIT!!! We are already done with all of our visits and even had to do an extra one. I told her that and she said "Oh ok maybe we don't need one then. I just feel like things are so unorganized. And am hoping this time that the "I will get back with you" does not take forever. I spent some time this morning watching adoption video's on you tube. And praying that this homestudy gets done!!!!! I have considered switching agencies if it's possible, but feel like if she just gets in done it could be so much quicker the switching!

 So we wait.


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