Sunday, June 9, 2013

Adoption picnic

Yesterday we had a busy fun day. We had soccer games, fun with friends, and went to our adoption agencies annual picnic. Which turned out to be a blast! There was lots of free food, and games. They had a cake walk where hubby won us a cake. And also had one of our adoption friends give us a few cakes her kids had won. Tonights plans are eating cake! :) They had great prizes for the kids. Alex and Rory both got one  they love. There was free girl scout cookies, and lots of time spent playing on the merry-go-round. A great day. I wish that I had brought my camera or that my phone battery wasn't just about dead when I got there! Oh one more thing, hubby and I also got to talk with the lady we are waiting on in regards to our homestudy. She said we are just about done. And that very soon we will get the email with the homestudy for us to review. Can someone say excited? I am so ready to have this thing finished!!


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