Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One last time (Adoption Update)

It happened again.

 Our homestudy is in the process of approval. Our social worker was looking it over and said there was a few things to do. I guess since it's been so long since they did the home compliance checklist they want to come do it again. Frustrating, but I was OK with it.

And then yesterday I got the email.....our new social worker is now our old social worker. Another one quit. It can be SOOOO frustrating. We are SO close and when it gets switched to a new person it takes some time for them to look over it and tell us what they want. Since everyone seems to want different things......

I honestly am about sick of this agency. But at the same time since we are basically just waiting for approval I don't want to try and switch to another one at this point.

Just pray with us please. That it will be finished up quickly and that it will be approved.

Praying His favor over our homestudy.


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