Monday, July 22, 2013

He will do it

I wish you could hear what I hear right now. A gift from God. I have been feeling so frustrsted with this whole adoption thing. Today our new social worker is supossed to call. Lets pray she does. But honestly things are pretty crazy at the agency right now. I hear we are not the only family that's been waiting over a year for a homestudy. But on top of that it just seems like one thing after another slows us down. Like for example our daughter is behind on her shots and is on a make up schedule, but the doctor makes you wait like two months in between each set. We were told they can't place a child with us until its done (they will be able to finish the homestudy just not actually place a child). Her next set is August 19 and I am praying thats the last. But little frustrations like this gets to you. I catch myself awake at 2am thinking what if theres another set and we have to wait till  October? What if they don't approve our homestudy... what if's. I worry, and just ache for it to all be done. Adoption is very hard emotionally. We try so hard to make it go as fast as it can. But fail.  You know what though. God's in control. This morning I woke up to my seven year old son playing one of his cds in the living room radio. He has it up and you can hear it through the whole house. And he has it on repeat. Playing this song....

There's one less, one less, there's one less broken heart in the world tonight.

My favorite adoption song. And I know it's gonna be ok. Gods going to work it all out and one day there will be one less.


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