Wednesday, July 31, 2013


The other day I was checking my email totally not expecting anything important. When I saw it. An email from our social worker!! Can you guess what it contained??

If you guessed the rough draft of our homestudy, your right!! After a long long road it is finally here. There are a few things that need fixed and she is coming to our house Tuesday to finish everything up. But we are so close.

We are so excited!! It feels like I'm dreaming! Adoption is a roller coaster ride for sure. But God has it all planned out. Turns out the last social worker quitting is just what we needed to get this thing rolling. His ways are not our ways. No, His are so much better. Please keep praying with us. We still need them to approve our financials and sign everthing. Make it all official. But we are one step closer!!


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