Tuesday, July 23, 2013

She called!

Well actually she emailed me and I called her back. But the point is I actually got to talk with our new social worker.
She seems to be on top of things. She said the homestudy is done except for the walkthrough with the new compliance agreement. They updated the old one so we are now reqired to have a few things extra. One of them being a fire escape ladder.
She also said instead of trying to update the financials we are just gonna redo the form send all new bills in and scratch the old 2012 stuff. Woohoo! Sounds so much easier.
I do ask for you guys to please pray that when its all submitted they will approve it. We are making more then we did last year, but since we are self employed and only have proof at the end of the year we have to use last years. Last I heard they had said its right at the point of they can approve or not approve. So lets pray for approve!!!
Moving on from the adoption news.... our days have been busy but mostly enjoyable this summer. In some ways I am looking forward to fall, but at the same time I am enjoying not having school each day.
Today and tomorrow our plans are not the good kind. We have a funeral to attend for a wonderful man from our church. He passed away last week due to an accident while mowing.  

My facebook status today was this...
The kids were talking this morning about how he would carry them all over church and how they would miss him there. I then explained that one day they will see him in heaven to which Ruby said " Oh my goodness! He was ready for heaven? That's so exciting!! Then she started dancing around pointing up and saying He is up there with Jesus he must be so excited!! Today everyone says goodbye to a great man. But so thankful for the hope of heaven. He is truly in a much better place. My prayers are with his family today.
Live your life to the fullest. You never know when He will call us home.


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