Friday, January 3, 2014

First Day of School 2014 and Another Call!!

Yesterday was the kids first day back to school after Christmas break. It actually went pretty well considering I forgot all about the impending back to school day until the night before. They got up, had some play time, then we got started. They finished up around two and I had the rest of the day to get the house cleaned up. Yay!

 Homeschooling can be difficult but I am so glad I do it. Once you get a routine going it isn't so bad. One thing I have found out for me is no routine equals bad! Another little tip would be to remember that kids learn at their own pace. My son has struggled with reading since day one. His biggest problem being that he doesn't like doing it. He just wasn't interested. Now that he has some things that he is really into, like star wars, I am finding him getting out his star wars books and reading them! It can take quite awhile for him to get much of it done but at least he is doing it on his own! Practice makes progress...

It can be hard to not get frustrated when they don't seem to be picking something up. You may feel like your failing as a teacher.

Remember this...

It will happen.

They will get it.

In their time.

Just keep working.

Now about that call you are waiting to read about....

Yesterday while homeschooling,  I got a phone call from the agency! We are going to do our first respite care placement!!

Respite is when a foster family (us) watches another foster families foster children for a short time. It can be hours it can be a week. Basically babysitting for a foster family. Were excited though! It will give us a little practice. :)


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