Monday, February 3, 2014

Saying Goodbye

Almost three weeks. That's how long we had our first foster placement. What a journey it's been. She came to us with a little wal-mart bag with some pull ups and a few pairs of jammies and socks. Everything reeked of cigarette smoke and her hair was a knotted up mess. We plopped her in the bath tub that first night and she surprised us by not fussing at all. She loved playing in the bath. I think having kids here was the biggest ice breaker. She had her moments of grief, especially at bedtime, but mostly she was happy to be playing with the kids. She loves church and going out to eat and just seemed to fit right in wherever we went.

We got the call that she would be going to live with family around dinner time. The rest of the evening we played, had fun watching a movie together and prepared her for the move the next day.

She helped us pack up her things the next morning and seemed to be handling it well. Then she broke down and started taking stuff out of her bag crying that she didn't want to leave anymore, that she wanted to stay here. It is heartbreaking to know that she has another adjustment to make now. Right as her little heart was getting settled here. We just pray that God goes with her and that things work out well for her. 

We will miss you our curly haired little girl!


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