Friday, May 9, 2014

Dandelions and Birth Moms

One part of the foster care life that I have been a little nervous about is meeting the bio relatives. In my mind I have always pictured it as a scary event. I was uncertain what I would say or do.

I'm not a very good talker in awkward situations. I get nervous and stubble over my words and all that fun stuff...while I have gotten better about it I was not looking forward to the day that I meet the bio's. But recently at one of our foster daughters visitations I was asked right before walking in if I would like to meet some of the family. They were inside and wanted to meet me.

 So I said yes.

I said yes!!

 And it wasn't bad at all. They seemed very nice and I'm glad that I got the chance to say hi. They didn't share my name, just said that I was foster mom. We just said the typical nice to meet you's and they thanked me for taking care of Baby. I feel relieved to know a big scary part in my mind is over and wasn't scary at all.

 In this case anyways...there's always next Foster's bio's. They could be scary.

But for now I feel like "I've got this" about the whole foster thing. Ever part is scary the first time. The first class, the first placement, the first visit and so on. But with God's help we are doing it.

 We are fostering and loving it!

As for the dandelions. We have been enjoying some beautiful weather and making lots of wishes.....


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