Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Life and Portfolio's

Wow life has been busy around here lately. We have soccer three days a week, church, homeschool, hanging out with friends and a new baby around who requires multiple visitations a week...... It leaves little time for blogging. I haven't forgotten about you, really! There is hope though. Summer break is almost here! Ah the time out from homeschooling!

Speaking of's time for me to get on the ball with my homeschool portfolio's. This is my second year of doing them and I still don't really have an organized system. I started out at the beginning of the year doing great. I kept putting things in the binder each week. But I quit around October. Yep I haven't put anything in it since then and haven't even started going through everything. If anyone has any portfolio tips at all feel free to share! I could use the help for sure.

And because every blog post needs a cute picture....

Warm weather love.


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