Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Learning to read

This is a full post! Embrace the camera homeschooling and family updates!
Embrace the camera

We went outside to take a few pictures of Rory on her new rocker. This chair was mine when I was a little girl, and it was an antique back then. Of course Rory had to paint it pink when she got it. :)

Then I had Alex attempt to take a picture of Rory and I.She wanted us to have our sunglasses on. :) It didn't work out so well.I was nervous watching him run all around with my pricy camera in his hands!
But we have fun and we have a few snapshots to keep. :)


We are on lesson 140 today!! That means only 20 more days to go! Pretty good considering we started at the end of September! Hers a video of Alex reading!

Our Move

And as for our move we are looking and packing. There is  not many rentals in our price range with three bedrooms. And they ones that do come up, go quickly. But I did just talk to someone who has good possibility for us! So if you could keep us in your prayers!!

And A Praise!!
 I just got a letter in from our hospital bills. Telling us that the assistance we applied for was accepted and our bill is paid in full!!!! God is so good to us!


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