Monday, May 9, 2011

Were moving! And our trip to the zoo.

This has been quite the weekend. For starters our landlord called to tell us that the house sold and we have until June 7th to be completely moved out! We haven't found a new place yet, and I haven't even started to pack! We really didn't think that the house would sell as quick as it did. No one even came to look at the inside, so it was kind of a shock to us!

Tonight we are meeting with a realtor to see what we can find in the area, so please keep that in  your prayers.

Also I heard some sad news Saturday. A childhood friend of mine passed away. He was only 24 years old. Of course this brings back memories of my brothers death . I am grieving for his parents and siblings. I know that this is something that takes lots of prayers, tears, and time, to get through. Sometimes it's so hard to understand why young people have to die. How can it be that their time was already up? In the case of my brother and the friend that passed away Saturday they were two young guys so full of life! It makes you see that life truly is a beautiful gift that can be taken at any moment. We MUST understand this and live like this could be our last day!! And just hold on to the promise that God is in control.

When you give and when You take away,
even then still Your name
is faithful!

Now on a lighter note...
I had a great mothers day! We took a trip to D.C. Saturday so the kids could go to the zoo! They were so excited an had a great time!! The weather was perfect, the ride there was fun. And we stopped for a mothers day dinner on the way home. A great day out with my family.

Don't you just love the fake smiles?


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