Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's done!

Yesterday I woke up not feeling well, but we pressed on. We cleaned the house, went car shopping for my hubby (his car broke down a few weeks ago), and managed to get our last homestudy visit done!! Oh my goodness it's so nice to know it's done. I need to turn in a few more papers  in the next few days and then we are hoping it will be approved quickly! Another check off the list!

 This week has also been busy with babysitting, schoolwork, and playing with all of Alex's new science stuff he got for his birthday. Which includes a new microscope. Lots of fun! I love how with homeschooling, you can expand on the subject your child enjoys most. We have done so much science stuff this year, most of which if he was in public school he would have missed out on. Our next goal is to dissect a shark! I'm going to let the hubby lead that one though.

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