Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Eight years together and we sorta forgot

Yesterday was our anniversary. We have been married for eight years now.

Funny thing is. We kinda forgot.

Yep. It's official, we are getting old.

We got up. He went to work. I started my day at home. And we both forgot that it was the day we had gotten married eight years ago. I think what threw us off was that we celebrated our anniversary this past weekend. We went on a kid free date! Shopping, and out to a nice dinner. It wasn't until about 3:30 yesterday evening that I remembered. I was out vacuuming the van when I thought, oh my gosh its our anniversary! I hurried up and called my hubby. Small talked for a minute to see if he knew, then said "So do you know what today is"? It took him only a second. He very quickly, kinda yelled, "Happy Anniversary"!! He pretty much was thinking at that point, that he was dead meat. That he had forgotten and I had sat home all day waiting for him to say it. He was quite relieved to find out I had forgotten as well. So I ended up making his favorite dinner when he was on his way home. And he showed up with a giant hanging basket plant for me. Win win. :)

Thankful for eight years together!!

Writing on the "before I die" wall on our date night

The oops I forgot our anniversary plant


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